Arize Kombucha

Handcrafted in Small Batches

Before we brew, each Arize culture goes through a natural process we call priming. From start to finish, it takes 4 months to produce a prime culture and brew a single small batch of Arize. This mindful process ensures the integrity of our product so you get the most outstanding quality, taste and the most health benefits possible from each sip of Arize Kombucha. From the spring water and the fairly traded ingredients to the sturdy clip-top bottle and the mindful process Arize Artisan Kombucha is made for you with absolute love and gratitude.

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Hand Selected Ingredients

The ancient elixir that is Kombucha tea originated in China, and overtime these cultures have become accustomed to the tea and it’s many benefits. Arize is bringing new wisdom to this ancient elixir. In Arize Artisan Kombucha I combine a variety of hand selected ingredients. Our tea is made with spring water, hand selected black teas, and Yerba maté with adaptogenic Tulsi. The combination of these ingredients provides a grand spectrum and high level of nutrients. The flavor is incomparable.

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What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha tea is a probiotic drink made by fermenting tea. It is fizzy and uplifting, and is great for your digestive system. Arize Kombucha helps you recondition your microbial flora, or in other words, it deposits healthy microbes throughout your body. This helps to detoxify the body. Beneficial acids from the Kombucha will go into your stomach, which then go into your blood stream. Once in your blood stream, the Kombucha stimulates your vital organs that are responsible for detoxification. Kombucha tea also boosts the immune system. Arize Kombucha is a functional beverage that allows you to be properly nourished and that allows for overall improved health.

What Arize Drinkers Are Saying

Garrett Latte Heidel
Arize Kombucha Drinker Since 2011

[Arize] is surprisingly crisp and leaves me feeling revitalized each and everytime I have the chance to indulge in this wonderful elixir.

Amy Lemusu
Arize Kombucha Drinker Since 2011

Arize is earthy and clean. It hits you with a crispness and mellows into a fresh finish. It’s nothing but guilt free goodness that leaves your body, mind and taste buds smiling.